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At Barnstorm Digital our goal is to help your business or organization share compelling stories that inspire your employees and move your clients to action.

We like to work with everyone - from the largest multinationals to the smallest non-profits.

If you like what you see - give us a shout. We'd be honored to help tell your story.


We’ll take your abstract ideas to storyboards and handle location scouting, shoot scheduling, and production preparation.


Leave us to sort out all the details of makeup, talent, location and equipment. 


Post Production

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have veterans assembling your masterpiece. Working to convey your story with attention to detail.

Connecting Through Stories


Clients, customers and employees are the life of your organization.

Inspire them by showing not just what you do, but WHY you do it.


The Inland Empire Autism Assessment Center of Excellence is a healthcare facility that offers innovative services to an underserved population.

For families in the Inland Empire, it represents an unprecedented collaboration in the quest to bring an accurate and timely diagnosis, as well as referrals, for children displaying the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder.

The White Memorial Medical Center Charitable Foundation aspired to create an emotional connection highlighting their need to provide their amazing NICU transport team with equipment that would assist them in saving lives everyday.  

The video was played to the audience followed by the actual NICU transport team coming on stage.  This creative use of video provided a sense of urgency and connection.  

White Memorial Medical Center is located in the vibrant yet underserved area of East Los Angeles. Despite the challenges of this location they have a culture of unprecedented employee commitment and loyalty.

Each year they honor employees for their years of service with a special dinner and awards ceremony.

For 2016 we were priveleged to help tell their story and reveal what kept them around.

Xtreme Mobility is a camp for the blind & visually impaired. Each winter and summer they host a week of inspiring and empowering activities for kids whose lives are anything but easy.

Our director, Ralph Figueroa, was asked to spend a few days at their winter session and help tell the story of how this organization is changing lives.

Please visit their website at XMOCamps.org.

Neighbors in East Los Angeles are delighted with this wonderful community garden sponsored by a local hospital that brings people together and provides a place of solace and refuge. Little do they realize, this garden is ending up to be a place of healing for an unsuspecting young boy.

Health care network, Adventist Health, wanted to convey their culture to new recruits before their initial on-line interviews.

Adventist Health employees are so passionate about their jobs that the most difficult part of this project was the stuff we had to leave out!

Here are a few more examples of our work.