At Barnstorm Digital we believe that visual storytelling is the best way to share your passion for your business, employees or organization.
We have a passion for what we do.
We want to share that passion with you by helping you tell your story in the most engaging ways possible.

The Team

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Ralph Figueroa

For 20+ years I've had the opportunity to provide content for broadcast television, radio, and the web. My broadcast career began as a radio host in France. After moving back to the States, I worked freelance in the 'industry' and eventually landed a full-time gig editing syndicated hour and half hour shows as well as a fair share of short form projects.  The majority of my work has been in the non-profit sector on projects providing a positive influence for the viewer. 

I love hiking, biking and kayaking with my family, but also spending a great deal of my spare time landscaping and building as a hobby. There's nothing like figuring out how to square the foundation of the shed you're about to build using the pythagorean theorem! 

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Travis Fowler

I have worked in visual storytelling for almost 15 years. Starting off I worked as a broadcast graphics designer - then technical director - then director of photography. I have had the privilege of working on broadcast content for non-profits, focusing on health and education, and have also worked on projects for Disney, Fox, and Paramount. Having enjoyed every one of these jobs, I'm glad to now be in a place where I can use my 'generalist' background.

I spend 'free' time with my quickly growing family, and pine for the days when I could sleep-in past six.






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